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FGCCC Secretary General Message


Mr Abdul Rahim Hassan AL Naqi
Secretary General of the Federation of Chambers of GCC

We are pleased to initiate the new Portable of the Federation of Chambers of GCC, which was completely updated and redesigned to cater for a better service. We trust it will provide an easier use, at the same time access to the diversity and inclusiveness in terms of coverage of all services and activities of the Federation. Whether the user is from the members, local and/or international investors, or the officials from the GCC, Arab Chambers or global levels, the use is really simplified.

The Federation of Chambers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), founded in 1979, is the most important institutional frameworks gathering the private sector of the Gulf and representing the economic interests of the institutions and members of the sector. It provides different types of highly efficient services to protect its interests both at GCC and abroad, whereas governmental agencies may suffer from bureaucratic challenges and difficulties.

Over the past decades, the Federation of Chambers of GCC, had developed its activities and service -oriented programs to support the performance of the private sector at the GCC, and contributed actively and positively to support the Gulf economy in general.

After the announcement of the establishment of the GCC common market, the Federation of Chambers of GCC had immediately established programs to activate its role in the representation of the private sector in front of the officials and to strengthen its role in the formulation of economic policies and regulations in the light of the developments of the global economic. To achieve this mission the elaborated strategy of the Federation of Chambers of GCC mentioned the following goals:-

Provide consistent and clear bridges of communication with the official in accordance with the institutional frameworks, work to overcome the obstacles that hinder the freedom of the flow of goods and movement of production tools among the GCC, increase the degree of cooperation and coordination between the Gulf countries and the member chambers play the role of advocator mainly to the business community in the service and matters of interests of its members , improve the level of participation of member chambers in the activities and the work of the secretariat of the Chambers of GCC, increase the degree of coordination in the events and the economic activities in the Gulf in order to prevent duplication and redundancy , deepen the degree of integration of the Gulf private sector in the global economy and strengthen the representation of the Arab world , regionally and internationally, Improve the opportunities for joint cooperation of the private sector with their counterparts in the states and other economic conglomerates. support the concept of the “local economic environment”: in terms of ingredients , incentives and policies to give a realistic picture of the nature of economic progress achieved by the GCC countries. The concentrated efforts of the Federation during this period as well as the next phase will be: to activate its role in facilitating the movement of capital and facilitate two-way trade between the GCC countries unimpeded, to activate the economic citizenship Gulf , to expand the support of companies and projects. The GCC common market will representing the true nucleus of the economic work of the GCC and the integration of Gulf capital in the development of economic activities.

I would like to seize this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the President and members of the Board of Directors of the Federation who had shown a significant support that reflects on the Federation of Chambers of GCC concrete achievements. I would also like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to His Excellency the Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council Abdulatif Al Zayani and HE the Assistant Secretary General for Economic Affairs, and all employees in the General Secretariat of the GCC for their honest and sincere cooperation with the Secretariat in all matters relating to work on the development and support of institutions and private sector in the Gulf, which largely contributed to the achievement.

Finally, I would acknowledge the performance of the colleagues working in the Secretariat of the Federation of Chambers of GCC, who were able to double the available resources and carry out their duties in a spirit of responsibility and dedication, which contributed to great achievements exceeded all expectations .

Best regards

Last Update: 18/06/2015