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Land Transport Committee


Based on the decision of the Governing Council of the Federation its meeting (34) held on March 8th, 2009 in the capital Muscat has formed the Secretariat of the Federation within the framework of its Committee for Road Transportation.


1 . Take care of the interests of the road transportation sector in the Gulf and to improving its performance.

2 . Cooperation and coordination with the ministerial and technical committees relevant in the government sector in the GCC countries and the Secretariat of the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States. To develop the road transport sector of the Gulf through the facing constraints and concerns of the sector and work to overcome them as well as to find channels for consultation on draft laws Unified GCC and decisions on economic affairs that serve the sector.

3 . Attract business owners GCC to contribute to the activities of the Committee and to achieve the maximum amount of interaction with them.

4 . Propose amendments to the laws and regulations for the implementation of good practices and to ensure the interests of the parties concerned.


1 . Preparation of the views on the establishment of a Gulf transport company to be founded by the members and to work on the establishment of offices operating in the GCC countries.

2 . To inventory constraints and problems in the ports and provide appropriate solutions.

3 . The Committee hosted the Director of the Center Abu Samra border country to talk about the obstacles experienced by practitioners of activity of GCC citizens in this center.

4 . issued a study on behalf of the Journal of Transportation under the umbrella of the GCC General Secretariat of the Federation and that would be a link between the stakeholders from the public sector in this sector and business owners practitioners to him from the private sector of the Gulf .

5 . Presenting a paper at the conference on behalf of the GCC Transport and Railways held during the period 17 to 19 October 2011 in Doha .

6 . The Committee submitted its observations on Articles 5 and 12 of the Economic Agreement in the field of transport and participated in the first meeting of the relevant committee in the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council, held on 92 and May 30, 2011 in Riyadh .

7 . The Committee participated in the eighth meeting of the group in charge of the Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council in the development of service facilities on the highways in the GCC countries during the period May 3 to 4, 2011 in the capital Riyadh.

8 . Addressed the senior leader on the subject of the consolidated insurance for all transport vehicles in the GCC countries , Saudi Arabia, through the Secretariat of the Federation as well as the Cooperation Council to speed the accession of the Saudi Arabia to this Convention.

9 . The Committee visited the wild customs outlets between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia ( Salmi and Raqa’i ) on January 17, 2012 and the meeting Palmsalin.

10 . Study and discuss obstacles to the Gulf Common Market in the field of road transport in the GCC countries .

11 . Address the Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Director General of the Customs Department, Saudi Arabia to extend the work of wild customs outlets between Saudi Arabia and its fellow GCC, 24 hours like the wild customs outlets in the GCC States through the Secretariat of the Federation.

Last Update: 21/06/2015